DEN Company

Glance to the starting the company for the first time , at the beginning of 2006 established by a number of engineers and technicians. In the 2008 started their projects of electricity as a third grade in level of company  in list .
Started with LV (0.416 KV) & MV (11KV+33KV) networks and Installong 11/0.416KV and 33/0.416 KV Transformers .

 Step by step with developing country about construction In Iraq and the north part of Iraq .D company growth with it and step towards to perform and developed till the activities  of company reach to all  cities of Iraq about electricity and different fields of electricity , as registered in the list of DEN Co. project

Den company and quality

For the necessity of the Iraq and Kurdistan about quality and quantity .  Den company could pay most attention about it . Also in 2011 with a group of engineers started their projects

 for example built a number of stores for other companies. and  project of 3 towers cooperate with AAE company started . with the sum more than (21,000,000$) US dollars  in the road of sallahaddin resort part.  

The Aim Of Den Company
The aim of company to present and perform good , beautiful and professional in qualities and quantities . the company is seeking about it . The relationship of experts is good with the company. Right now company sends their technicians and engineers to the abroad through the projects for gathering  more information and experience .  

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