professional solutions for a better future with a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation.

We have been supporting the future since 2009 as a dynamic force in the electrical industry, specializing in providing first-class electrical solutions and services to a variety of clients, from residential complexes to commercial buildings and industrial sectors.

About us

Who Are We

professional solutions for a better future with a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation.

DEN company was established with the expertise of a group of engineers who have been working since 1998 in the field of installing and operating several electrical feeding stations and extending power supply networks for factories. This group of Engineers has gained this experience by working for many years with the most prestigious local and international engineering companies. This accumulated experience, persistence, and determination led the group to find the DEN company.
All DEN engineers and technicians have specialized certificates approved by the relevant professional entities. Our company is committed to providing high-quality services and always seeks to develop its services to meet the needs of customers.


Residential projects


Commercial projects


Industrial projects

Our vision is to provide professional solutions for a better future. We are committed to making a lasting positive impact on customers, employees and the world. This commitment shapes our business decisions and is based on our core values and passionate team. Our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction and innovation sets us apart from competitors, so we have expanded our operations throughout Iraq. We aim to continue to grow and expand geographically and technologically while maintaining and focusing on quality, customer satisfaction and achieving a positive impact on communities and our vision for the environment.
At Den we are committed to providing high quality efficient and safe electrical services to our customers. We strive to improve energy efficiency, protect the environment and promote innovation in the field of electricity. Whether it is trading electrical equipment and materials, executing projects, or manufacturing panels and kiosks tailored to the clients specifications.

Our Values


We strive to achieve the highest standards and gain the trust of our shareholders


We aspire to make a meaningful global impact and establish international partnerships


Building lasting relationships by providing exceptional services that cater to evolving needs


Attracting the top talent and creating an environment that encourages creativity and excellence


Developing through challenges and capitalizing on opportunities


Cutting-edge technologies, creative solutions, and advanced thinking


Implement sustainable practices to maintain a healthy environment


Retain the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing business landscape

Alliance of Power

In the dynamic landscape of todays corporate world, collaboration and synergy between diverse entities often results in remarkable innovations and growth. Three distinguished companies, Din, Tuanist, and Burgash, have merged to form a powerful alliance that transcends the boundaries of their specialties. This collaboration represents a compelling blend of innovation, technology and market acumen, promising to shape the future of their industries in remarkable ways.